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Why choose us?

We offer the widest Electrical Training Courses available from City and Guilds to support the Electrical Trade and Industry requirements and as members of the JIB, ECA, NAPPIT we ensure quality and industry-specific training takes place to support your chosen career path.

Ensuring you get the relevant knowledge and understanding to complete your chosen qualification pathway with expert advice and guidance all the way through.


We Support the Electrical Trade only

We offer all of the City and Guilds UK Electrical Qualifications Available including specialist skills training available on an unrivalled One to One basis ensuring both understanding and complaince with current regulations and requirments.

We test 100% of all circuits including Live Testing to ensure not only compliance with regulations and understanding but also experience at the right level and ensure all current documentation reqired is completed to the required level.


Training is split into two specialist areas:

Our own on-line training portal covers the theory so that you can study, practice and understand what is required when you have time available, or want to study helping when work and other commitments allow.       Supported by experienced and qualified assessors. https://electricalcollege.co.uk/Training/


Our Practical skills workshops

With all the latest tools, equipment and facilities offer an unrivaled support directly with your own personal qualified and experienced assessor, not in a large class allowing you to gain the most knowledge and understanding enabling you to more confidently work within the Electrical industry.


Time to Study

When you have time available to study, learn how you want or need to learn.

Practice questions covering all the qualification requirements section by section allow you to confirm your understanding as you progress.  Go back over information you find harder or need more information until you fully understand the information.  You can spend time going through the required knowledge and practice questions testing your understanding and experience with feedback to prepare you for the exams and assessments.

Great if work commitments are a problem as you can study on your phone, tablet or computer when you want to study.  


NVQ Log book evidence 

If you are completing NVQ log book evidence, photos you can confirm on site evidence with our Apps on your phone signing off work or completing log book evidence all while still at work or later at home.  We combine your photo evidence and Log book information into a format that allows full compliance and best practice to gain your JIB Gold Card recognition to work anywhere in the Electrical Industry at the right level.


Expert Guidance and Support

Our trained and experienced assessors are available to support you all the way through your chosen qualification pathway with supportive practical training and assessments completed on a One to One basis to give you opportunities to practice and have the best support and guidance directly with a qualified and experienced assessor-trainer in preparation for an assessment also working or developing in the Electrical Industry.


Industry End Point Assessments 

AM2 and AM2E AM2D preparation days are available on a One to One basis to develop your skills for safe isolation, Fault finding, and Inspection and Testing  provided as required.  Skills development to ensure both compliance and consistency of practice.

On-line Training giving you time to study when work or family commitments allow and have time available.


Progression is much quicker and covers more of the course requirements giving you time to practice for the exams and assessments


Study at home or Work

Use your Phone, Tablet or Computer to study and complete practice tests or calculations


Complete Log Book evidence while at work complete signatures or supportive information via our own Apps

NO large classes

We provide only One to One Practical skills training and assessments to ensure both your understanding and ensure you reach the required skill level to work in the Electrical Trade . 

Guidance and support

through all of the City and Guilds Electrical Installation Qualifications and Pathways to gain the recognition you need.

Develop the skills necessary to work in the Electrical Industry at all levels.

We provide all C&G Electrical Qualifications including:

C&G2365 level 2&3

NEW C&G2921EV charging

C&G2382 Wiring regulations

C&G2391 Inspection and Testing

C&G2377 Portable Appliance Testing

C&G2393 Building Regulations


ALL NVQ Pathways available to gain your JIB Gold Card including Experienced Worker routes both Industrial Commerical and the NEW Domestic installation routes.

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Start developing your career pathway with C&G2365 Electrical Installation Qualifications at level 2 & 3

This will also allow you to progress fully in the Electrical Industry if required to complete the Electrical NVQ pathway towards getting your JIB Gold Card as a qualified and 'Approved Electrician'

It is important to ensure the qualification you are on means something in the industry and is recognised allowing you to confidently work at the required level.

View our short Courses for: C&G2377

Portable Appliance Testing

Check and approve equipment to ensure safety of its use and application by staff and workers in all parts the industry from Hairdressers, Colleges shops and officers to name but afew all require regular testign and documentation of their equipment that it is safe and able to be used or if faulty taken out of service.


EV Charging

New Electric Vehicle charging courses prepare you for fully testing equipment used to charge vehicles either domestic, commercial or industrial applications from simple installations to more complex commercial work.  Contact us for more information we offer all combinations. From only £339


Wiring Regulations

`Keep up to date with the latest  wiring regulations courses and information full courses studied through our training portal Full Courses only £249

C&G2391 Inspection and Testing

All of the C&G2391 inspection and testign courses are available from basic EIC or EICR to the combined course C&G2391-52  allowing you to test and sign off any installation new EIC or existing EICR report only £849


Building Regulations

Ensure you are up to date with current building regulations for only  £195


Safe Isolation

Safe Isolation is one of the basic requirements of any Electrician to ensure safety to work on existing circuits often for other workers. Test your knowledge and practical understanding of both single and three phase systems only, including practical £195

Complete your NVQ  to gain the


to become recognised as an 'Approved Electrician'

Contact us for Guidance and let us map your future in the Electrical Industry we offer all of the recognised pathways of both old and new many old qualifications may still be recognised or new pathways available.

Experienced Worker' 

If you have relevant experience working as an Electrician in the industry we can help and guide you to ensure you get the recognition you deserve and the right JIB Gold Card to allow you to work in the Industry. We will complete a skill scan with any qualifications you may hold to ensure you are on the right pathway.

NEW Domestic & Industrial Commercial Pathways'


Contact us for Guidance and let us map your future in the Electrical Industry to allow you to gain the full recognition and JIB accreditation. u